Anonymous asked: "yay thank you!! such a great blog! <333"

briathebad asked: "This is the greatest blog ever created... Thank you."

Oh no no, thank you.

magdacious asked: "greatest idea ever i'll be reblogging everything you post lmao"

You da best.

Anonymous asked: "do you mind if i post one of your pictures as my facebook profile if i give you credit for it? it's too cute :P"

Nope, not at all! Hope you get a lot of notifications for it!

lol-at-lola asked: "omg laughing with tears! this blog is EVERYTHING"

To be honest, my sister and I are in tears when we make the pictures. But thank you so much!

simply-dina-deactivated20140209 asked: "this is so fucking funny oh my god and i never swear thanks so much for this blog"

No, thank you for actually liking our idea and supporting our hastily made blog.